Vision, Strategy, Distinctive Features

stars is a neutral, independent, not-for-profit organization registered in Switzerland.


stars develops better leaders of the next generation and wants to be the premier platform for these future leaders


The stars symposia and the stars alumni activities help prepare proven "Leaders of the Next Generation" for their global leadership roles by

  • Enhancing a better understanding of the economic, scientific, political, cultural and social challenges, which will impact business and organizations in the next 3-5 years,
  • Broadening their horizons through interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue with peers and global leaders from all fields,
  • Contributing to their personal development to drive responsible and sustainable actions.

Distinctive Features

  • Exclusive circle of 80-100 international participants, aged 35-45 years, from all over the world and different sectors, mainly from business but also from science, politics, culture, NGOs and the media, 1-2 levels below C-level, nominated by their top management, holding a leading position within their organization
  • Horizon scanning, ie future oriented, highly interactive 4-day programme, exploring trends and challenges that will inevitably impact our businesses, organizations and society over the next decade.
  • Inspiring global alumni network (over 1'800 former stars participants from over 100 countries, as of 2018)

stars symposia at inspiring venues

SteinamRhein Singapore

Since 2008, stars has developed into the premier platform for "Leaders of the Next Generation" organizing three annual symposia in Switzerland, Singapore and China.

stars Switzerland symposium, Stein am Rhein

  • Programme focus on global challenges and major trends
  • 80-100 participants from all over the world
  • Stein am Rhein, a stunningly beautiful medieval town, 40 minutes from Zurich Airport

stars Singapore symposium

  • Programme focus is on global and Asian-specific opportunities and challenges
  • 80-100 participants, a vibrant mix, from Asia, and all over the world
  • Singapore, an innovative and dynamic city in a garden

stars China symposium, Chengdu

  • Programme focus is on global and China-specific opportunities and major trends
  • 80-100 participants from all over the world
  • Chengdu, the Chinese Silicon Valley and the world`s fastest growing city in this decade