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stars insights are exclusive contributions by business leaders and experts who scan the horizon to discuss geopolitical, economic, technological and further trends and developments which will impact society and business in the next few years.

AIIB Vice President: “Nobody can Monopolize Connectivity”
Joachim von Amsberg, Vice President, Policy and Strategy, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Beijing
19 September 2019

Reinventing Your Company with AI
Alessandro Curioni, IBM Fellow, Vice President Europe and Director, IBM Research Zurich, Watson IoT Research Relationship Executive, Rueschlikon, Switzerland
12 September 2019

China’s Digital Super-Platform with Unlimited and Unchecked Data Collection Possibilities
Wang Shuo, Editor-in-Chief of Caixin Media, Beijing, China
6 September 2019

How Do Top-Performing Product Development Teams Rise Above Themselves?
Marianne Tracy, Management Consulting Professional and Project Consultant, Chicago, USA
29 August 2019

“Security Brexit”: The Johnson-Trump Do-or-Die Alliance
Daniel Woker, Co-founder of Share-an-Ambassador/Geopolitical coaching and Former Swiss Ambassador to Kuwait, Singapore and Australia
22 August 2019

Leading from the Future instead of Reacting to the Past
Diana Wolf-Dolgner, Managing Director of management consultancy MARKET & BEYOND, Konstanz, Germany
15 August 2019

The “Last Dictatorship of Europe” Finds its Foreign Policy Stride
Yauheni Preiherman, Founder and Director of the Minsk Dialogue Council on International Relations, Belarus
8 August 2019

“If you reach agreement in a negotiation with China, you can be sure it is in China’s interest”
Michael Barbalas, Former President and Vice Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, Beijing, China
18 July 2019

“The Chinese Bubble in Artificial Intelligence is Insane”
Huang Yuanpu, Founder and CEO of EqualOcean, a leading Chinese industrial tech media and investment research company, Beijing, China
11 July 2019

Alibaba’s Senior AI Advisor “Voice is AI’s Next Frontier”
Zhang Wan, Senior Advisor at Alibaba AI Labs in Hangzhou, China
4 July 2019

Founder & CEO of Forbes Japan’s Start-up of the Year 2019 on How to Clean Up Earth’s Orbit
Nobu Okada, Founder and CEO of Astroscale, Tokyo, Japan
27 June 2019

Missing Cyberhygiene: Ransomware – Curse and Cure
Serge Droz, VP and Chief Scientist of Open Systems Computer Emergency Response Team, Zurich, Switzerland
21 June 2019

India’s New Minister of External Affairs on India’s Position in a Polycentric World – (please see clarification)
Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, Minister of External Affairs of the Government of India
13 June 2019

“The US-China Trade Competition is a Catalyst for Internal Reforms in China”
Chen Dongxiao, President of the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS)
6 June 2019

Russia’s Strategic Moves in Asia: With or Without India?
Philippe Welti, Co-founder of Share-an-Ambassador/Geopolitical Coaching and Former Swiss Ambassador to Iran and to India
27 May 2019

The View from Caixin: China’s Burgeoning Social Credit System Stirs Controversy
Wang Shuo, Editor-in-Chief, Caixin, and Member of the stars International Board, Beijing, China
17 May 2019

“E-Commerce is not a Competitor but a Partner for the Retail Property Industry”
Henry Cheng, Co-Founder, CEO and Executive Director of Chongbang Group
10 May 2019

“Data Localization Policies are Bad for Consumers”
Yeong Zee Kin
, Assistant Chief Executive of Singapore’s Data Innovation and Protection Group and Deputy Commissioner of Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission
3 May 2019

How the Chinese Government Steers Company Behaviour by Leveraging Digital Technology
Mirjam Meissner, Bjoern Conrad and Markus Herrmann of Sinolytics, a European specialized consultancy entirely focused on China
26 April 2019

The Three Biggest Security Challenges for the Philippines
Marvin Salazar
, National Security Specialist, Strategic Studies Branch of the National Security Council, Republic of the Philippines
19 April 2019

Long-term Investing in the Age of Digital Disruption
Prakash Kannan
, Chief Economist and Head of Total Portfolio Management of Singapore’s Sovereign Wealth Fund GIC
12 April 2019

“Listening and Openness are the most Important Abilities for Future Leaders”
Uli Sigg
, Art Collector, Business Leader and former Swiss Ambassador to the People´s Republic of China
5 April 2019

China’s Artificial Intelligence Ambitions
Dingding Chen
, Professor of International Relations and Associate Dean, Institute for 21st Century Silk Road Studies, Jinan University, Guangzhou
29 March 2019

The Global Significance of an Electoral Showdown in Europe
Daniel Woker, Co-founder of Share-an-Ambassador/Geopolitical coaching and Former Swiss Ambassador to Kuwait, Singapore and Australia
22 March 2019

Leading Asia’s Digital Disruption
Yinglan Tan, Founding Managing Partner and CEO of Insignia Venture Partners and Member of the stars International Board, Singapore
15 March 2019

India’s Strategic Positioning among Big Powers of the World
Philippe Welti, Co-founder of Share-an-Ambassador/Geopolitical coaching and Former Swiss Ambassador to Iran and to India
1 March 2019

The Nursing Home Can Wait!
Peter Wiedl, Founder and CEO of WAYPOINT Business Navigation and Business Partner Switzerland of VIVAI Software for the Internet of Things (IoT) project Smart Service Power (SSP)
22 February 2019

Organizational Leadership, Talent Management & Performance Enhancement – A Practitioner’s Viewpoint
Sanika Kerkar
, Associate Direc­tor Human Resources, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai; stars alumna
15 February 2019

Should Young Professionals be Bothered about the State of Education in their Countries?
Prabhu Guptara
, Independent Board Member, Executive Director, Relational Analytics Ltd., Cambridge, Honorary Chairman, Career Innovation Company, Oxford
8 February 2019

Overcoming Challenges Facing the Development of Medicines for Tropical Diseases
Katja Fink
, Principal Investigator at Singapore Immunology Network A*STAR and stars alumna
1 February 2019

Moving From “Smart” to “Responsive” Cities
Gerhard Schmitt, Professor of Information Architecture at ETH Zurich and Director of the Singapore-ETH Centre
25 January 2019

China is India’s Greatest Foreign Policy Challenge in the Years Ahead
Jivanta Schoettli
, Assistant Professor in Indian Politics at the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University, Ireland
18 January 2019

AIR5: Five Pillars of Artificial Intelligence Research
Yew-Soon Ong
, Co-Director of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Centre at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
11 January 2019

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