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Driving Sustainability (in partnership with Developing Leaders Quarterly, DLQ)
4 December 2023

  • Rebalancing Society
    Legendary Henry Mintzberg (McGill University) sat down with stars alumnus and DLQ co-publisher Roland Deiser (Drucker School of Management) to share and discuss his view about the dysfunctionalities of today’s society, and what to do about it. A sharp analysis and a passionate call to action by one of the most iconic management scholars of our times. You may also want to check out the full video recording of the session.
  • Integrating ESG in an Organization’s DNA
    Walid Hejazi (Rotman School of Management), Andrea Barrack (Royal Bank of Canada) and Susan McGeachie (University of Toronto) bring their enormous breadth of experience in sharing how social and governance, as well as environmental, thinking need to be woven into the mindset of organizations – and highlight organizations that have achieved this.
  • Leading in an Inclusive Way for a Socially Sustainable Future
    Sofia Appelgren, Founder and board member of Mitt Liv AB and the Mitt Live Foundation – and a stars alumna (Switzerland 2023) – draws on her many interactions with large organizations in implementing socially inclusive cultures that bring benefit through more innovation and greater resilience. It is not always easy – here she shares her advice on how to achieve success.
  • Managing Complexity and Leading Change (in Nigeria)
    Natalie Beinisch and Deborah Edward share their experience with the Circular Economy Innovation Partnership – an outstanding sustainability initiative they created and drive in Nigeria. By connecting an ecosystem of innovative ventures and harnessing grassroots passion and energy they have achieved extraordinary results in a country that faces complex challenges and very limited resources.


stars Insights
Leadership in turbulent, uncertain and disruptive times – latest insights and learnings
Roger MOSER, Faculty, Board Member and Investor, Executive Coach; stars Alumnus, Sydney, Australia
17 July 2023

  • VUCA, BANI, Black Swans & Grey Rhinos…
    While everybody else writes about #GenerativeAI and its impact on the world, Roger prefers to pick up a topic he has been thinking about for quite some time. This issue of the #DecisionModelInnovation newsletter focuses on a couple of concepts that many decision-makers and even more analysts and journalists love but which he finds hardly applicable (with exceptions) to improve decision-making. These concepts are #VUCA vs. #BANI as well as #BlackSwans vs. #GreyRhinos.
  • MQ-Strategic Thinking Scenario Development Manual
    In this article you will find a brief manual for the development of SCENARIOS about how the future business environment might look like and draw conclusions for a company’s business model (value creation, value capturing and value delivery). It’s important to understand that even if the developed scenarios don’t become reality, they help executives and employees to better deal with the information overload that they currently experience.
  • Decision Model Innovation: Why even innovation leaders need to think about it!
    In this second issue of his #DecisionModelInnovation newsletter, Roger would like to explore in more detail why even many (technology) innovation leaders might need to think about Decision Model Innovation to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • MQ-Better Performance with the Decision Intelligence CUBE
    Solid decision-making is a complex process influenced by various factors, including high-quality information, human biases, different opinions, and the need for consensus among decision-makers. Organizations are increasingly turning to the concept of Decision Intelligence (DI) to navigate these challenges and improve decision outcomes.


stars Insights
Leadership in turbulent, uncertain and disruptive times – latest insights and learnings
Roland DEISER, Drucker Senior Fellow; Founder and Chairman, Center for the Future of Organization at the Drucker School of Management, Los Angeles, USA
17 July 2023

  • Is Your Ego-System Hurting your Eco-System?
    We know that the success of ecosystem engagement – and the performance of an ecosystem itself – depend on transcending the narrow perspective of our “ego-system”. But organizations have a particularly hard time shifting towards this different paradigm. Why is that so? Roland argues that it’s related to a fundamental human condition and the Western way of thinking, exacerbated by the pathologies of complex organizations. And he suggests several ways to address the conundrum.
  • The Art of Business Ecosystem Leadership – A Capability Framework for the New Ball Game
    In this article, Roland defines and discusses nine critical capabilities organizations need to actively shape business ecosystems, leverage their potential, and serve as a constructive, indispensable player in dynamically evolving networks. Structured along the three dimensions of strategy, organization, and relationship management, the nine domains form a powerful combination of systems and mindsets that provide tangible guidelines for companies who want to thrive in the new ball game.

Roland also helped stars to form a partnership with Developing: Leaders Quarterly (DLQ), a global business “bookazine” of which he is a co-publisher. Through this partnership, we can offer stars alumni free access to selected articles. For your summer reading, he selected from the current issue:

  • Winning the Ecosystem Game (by Michael Jacobides, Martin Reeves, and Ulrich Pudin)
    Leadership is particularly important in an ecosystem world because success requires changes to a firm’s traditional operating model and management mindset, creating a tough change management challenge for legacy firms. In their latest DLQ article, LBS professor Michael Jacobides and BCG’s Martin Reeves and Ulrich Pudin argue that to win the ecosystem game, leaders need to change their thinking model, their strategic style, their mindset and their behaviors.
  • Unleashing the Potential of Ecosystems – Creating Sustainable Solutions in Real and Digital Worlds at Siemens (by Matthias Reuter, Peter Koerte, and Aymeric Sarrazin)
    In this brand new DLQ article, Siemens’ global head of strategy, their head of Leadership Excellence, and the CEO of Siemens Advanta share the architecture of Xcelerator2 – a socio-technical infrastructure that accelerates digital transformation and value creation for customers, developers, and more than 6000 partners. It combines providing a portfolio of software and IoT-enabled hardware for common use, facilitating interactions between all members of the ecosystem, and a marketplace to explore, educate, exchange, and transact among the parties.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and they do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of the stars Foundation.


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