The Global Food System and Disruptive Trends

Our global food system is under enormous stress: climate change, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, 10 billion people to feed by 2050 sustainably, and disrupting agricultural supply chains. This situation shows once again how vulnerable our food system is today. No doubt, there is the need to radically rethink the way in which we produce and consume food globally. In this stars Alumni Lounge Eliana ZAMPROGNA, Co-Founder of Yumame Foods, talked about plant-based foods, cultured foods and fermentation, about their potential to provide more sustainable food products, about the opportunities and threats for farmers and established food companies in this transition, about the behaviour and education of consumers. She also discussed trends in food innovation such as precision farming, more sustainable packaging, food safety, and new models to purchase and receive food like on-line retailing and door-to-door selling.

To watch the recording of the Alumni Lounge, please click here.