CEOs have to Pick Sides

In a stars Webinar, stars International Board Member Ivo H. DAALDER, President of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and former U.S. Ambassador to NATO, covered these and other topics:

  • Are we seeing the end of the Pax Americana? Will it be replaced by a new international order? This is a very much open question, depending on whether the US has the necessary resources.
  • There is a new era of strategic competition. The liberal democratic West and the authoritarian regimes are not truly divided as there are too many global challenges such as the pandemic, the proliferation of nuclear arms, climate etc.
  • The economic interaction between the US and China continues, no decoupling. Xi Jinping realized that his economy and society are in deep trouble.
  • Multilateral organisations such as the UN, IMF, World Bank must adapt to the new era.
  • How reliable is the US as a partner? The US under Joe Biden is again the global leader, but Europe, Canada, Australia can influence and support the US. They have an important voice. Working together is the solution.
  • Companies and CEOs have to pick sides between the US and China. For any business decision: geopolitical risks must be taken into consideration.

This webinar has been moderated by Mark DITTLI, CEO and Editor, The Market, Zurich, Switzerland.

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