Achieve the Greatest Impact for Planet and Society

In this stars Webinar, stars alumna Katja SEIDENSCHNUR, Sustainability Director Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Nestle, Vevey, Switzerland, discussed how Nestle is acting on the climate roadmap through regenerative agriculture, collaborative action and consumer education and what paradigm shifts are needed moving forward. Some take-aways are:

  • Nestle, the biggest food company in the world, in a nutshell: 270’000 employees in 190 countries, 380 factories in 80 states, CHF 85 billion of net sales, more than 2’000 brands.
  • The biggest challenges regarding the climate roadmap: engaging farmers to change a decade-long behaviour, giving evidence, financial security, training, and emotional confidence to them, to be transparent and to show the challenges.
  • Digitalization is everywhere and helps a lot, i.e. precision farming, reducing input.
    Trends in food innovation: more healthy, sustainable, convenient.
  • Palm oil: key is traceability and transparency where it comes from, i.e. no de-forestation.
  • How to drive change in companies: ask yourself where you can achieve the greatest impact for planet and society, get momentum in your company, i.e. commitment from top management, set intermediate targets, i.e. 2025, collaboration across divisions.
  • How to reduce plastic: move to different materials, recyclable material, more circularity and above all support infrastructure, i.e. collecting and sorting of material.

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