Don’t Ever Assume That Because You Are the Leader You Have All the Ideas

From Singapore’s early years of government to its emergence as a prosperous metropolis, LIM Siong Guan has contributed greatly to Singapore’s success by serving in key positions of the Singapore Civil Service and helming many distinguished organizations. In every appointment, he introduced innovative policies and practices which enhanced the drive, capacity, capability and performance of the organization. To kick off the stars webinar Leadership Dialogue series, we talked with Siong Guan about the lessons learned from his personal leadership experience and how he sees the role of leaders changing in the future. Some key take-aways in a nutshell:

💡What leadership is all about: Think people, think future, think excellence
💡Good leader should constantly ask himself “How can I help others?”
💡The best leaders have helicopter qualities, can see the big picture and small details
💡Future success depends on having IQ, EQ and LQ (Jack Ma, Alibaba)
💡Leaders increasingly have to deal with “unknown unknowns” (black swans)
💡When the tide goes out, you know who has been swimming naked: Only a crisis will really bring out the person
💡Financial statements reflect the past – culture creates the future (Prof. Dr. Rosabeth Kanter, HBS)
💡It takes a long time to build culture, so you better start working on it from yesterday
💡Effective results = good ideas x good implementation
💡Don’t ever assume that because you are the leader you have all the ideas
💡Inflection power = knowledge power x position power (Andrew Grove, Intel)
💡On his personal motivation to be a leader: “It just makes me very happy to help people realise their potential”

To watch the recording of the stars webinar, please click here.