Kamala HARRIS: Driven, Ambitious, Determined

In this stars Webinar, stars Alumna Marie-Astrid LANGER, US-Correspondent, Neue Zuercher Zeitung, San Francisco, United States, talked about where Kamala HARRIS came from, what forces shaped her and where she is headed next. At the end, Marie-Astrid also made a short excursion to Silicon Valley. Some key take-aways are:

  • Kamala HARRIS is a driven, ambitious, determined person to go her own way, clearly a moderate democrat, but also opportunistic as many or most politicians are.
  • Challenges to write this book were twofold: first, condensing what is relevant about Kamala HARRIS and secondly, explaining the larger context of politics in the US to European readers.
  • What to be expected if Kamala HARRIS became President? She would finish the term like Biden, would push “America First” regarding foreign policy with a surprisingly strong nationalist mindset. Her domestic agenda would focus on climate and civil liberty issues.
  • After the recent state elections and the fight about the investment programmes it is too early to say to basically put this administration to rest. There is still time to adjust the strategies and tactics in the White House. There is no sign that Biden resigns, he is too long in politics.
  • The next big thing in the Silicon Valley: AI, artificial intelligence, is everything and impacting all our lives.
  • Even though TESLA is moving its HQ to Texas, the valley is still thriving, but there is a larger phenomenon that more and more tech hubs emerge all over the country.

To watch the recording of the webinar, please click here.