The Essence Of The 2020 Election Is How America Feels About Donald Trump

In the wake of the Democratic and the Republican National Conventions, we talked with stars Alumna Marie-Astrid LANGER, US-Correspondent for Neue Zuercher Zeitung, about her experience of covering the U.S. presidential election as a foreign correspondent. From the vantage point of an outsider – coming at the story from a different angle than U.S. reporters – Astrid observed that Americans often don’t fully grasp how America’s image in the rest of the world has changed in the past four years, and that vice versa, many people outside America still don’t seem to understand Donald Trump’s appeal to the American voter. Astrid also shared her strangest as well as her most rewarding experiences on the campaign trail, how she deals with the daily struggle to separate fact from fiction and what makes her happy as a journalist.

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