Going Back To The Pre-Crisis Normal Would Be A Waste Of The Experience Gained And The Investment Made In The Meantime

In a stars webinar Leadership Dialogue, we talked with Dr. Markus NEUHAUS, board member of leading companies in the food, healthcare and financial industries, about how we can get out of the crisis and shape the way forward. Based on his personal experience over the last six months, Markus suggested the following five-step programme for companies to move beyond the disruptions caused by COVID-19:

1. Stop the bleeding
2. Manage costs and efficiency
3. Restructure finance and organization
4. Innovate and identify new horizons
5. Grab new opportunities for sustainable growth

As going back to the pre-crisis normal would be a waste of the experience gained and the investment made in the meantime, Markus explained what features of doing business in the COVID-19 era he expects to also survive into the post-pandemic era. He also shared his own experience of leading teams remotely and what he sees as key factors to make remote teams successful. Hint: Despite all their benefits, digital communication platforms are no match for coffee talk at the office.

To watch the recording of the stars webinar, please click here.