Mutual Distrust

As we are faced by disruptions all over and even disruptors get disrupted, geopolitical and geoeconomic intelligence is a must for any company. Thus, every business leader today has to make sure to have a real plan for geopolitical disruption. In this stars Webinar, stars International Board Member Mona SUTPHEN, Partner, The Vistria Group, New York, covered topics like the US-China relations (mutual distrust, US-domestic policies vis-à-vis China, reshoring, decoupling e.g. AI, robotics, biotech, semi-conductors, clean energy, resilience regarding supply chains), the new cold war (“not yet”), Taiwan (“defining the red lines”), Ukraine and Putin’s goals, Saudi-Iran relations and the US election in 2024 (Donald Trump: decent chance to be reelected, Joe Biden: will run again, most probably).

This webinar has been moderated by Mark DITTLI, CEO and Editor, The Market, Zurich, Switzerland.

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