Key Lesson is Flexibility

In this stars Alumni Lounge, stars Alumnus Pelayo COVARRUBIAS, President of Pais Digital in Santiago, Chile, is discussing and presenting projects on how economic and social recovery and transformation can be achieved in Latin America. Some key take-aways in a nutshell:

  • The single most important opportunity is getting the connectivity. If you are not connected you are out of the market, out of the world.
  • The single most important risks are private data and education, i.e. the cultural change to use the potential of technology, to change the minds of teachers.
  • The world in 2030: everybody is connected, different logistics, different education, more tourism, less business travel.
  • Lessons learnt for business leaders after the pandemic: flexibility, companies will be less hierarchical, more horizontal, smart employees want to work from home.

To watch the recording of the Alumni Lounge, please click here.