AgriTech Can Help Farmers To Adapt To Climate Change And To Grow Sustainably

In a webinar with stars Alumnus Prateep BASU, Co-Founder and CEO of SatSure, we talked about how agritech helps to feed the planet and fight climate change. Prateep explained how SatSure combines knowledge with AI to produce actionable decision insights that help farmers to produce supplementary food whilst conserving the environment. He particularly highlighted the importance of data – and the challenges surrounding its commercialisation – why connectivity is the backbone of agritech, and how satellites, drones and IoT can positively impact the agriculture sector in the next few years.

As agriculture is the sector most impacted by climate change, Prateep also shared a number of examples how agritech can help farmers to adapt to climate change by addressing the issues of degraded land, water usage, deforestation and biodiversity. Even though he still sees a range of things that hold back the adoption of sustainable agriculture – including a lack of knowledge, technology and penetration, as well as a lack of adequate policy and market incentives – Prateep is optimistic that these challenges will be overcome rather sooner than later because governments, corporates and NGOs have by now started to collaborate more proactively to tackle climate change.

To watch the recording of the webinar, please click here.