The Biggest Barrier to Digital Transformation is the Mindset

In a stars webinar with Sauvik BANERJJEE, CTO of Tata Digital, we talked about the digital transformation of Tata Group, a 150-year-old conglomerate with 720’000 employees in more than 100 subsidiaries spread across a dozen industry verticals. Generally speaking, Sauvik explained why the misalignment of mindsets between business and tech leaders as well as waterfall thinking are the biggest barriers to digital transformation.

One clear advantage for Tata on this journey from industrial conglomerate to consumer-facing tech company is that it has various categories of data from across the group. The next milestone therefore is the contextualisation of data and to ensure that AI is used ethically. While digital transformation is primarily focused on predictive data, powered by deep neural network capabilities, the human part is just as important. Technology alone is not enough – people, processes and technology have to be transformed together.

To watch the recording of the stars webinar, please click here.