Innovating and Experimenting

In this stars Webinar, TAN Chong Meng, Group CEO of PSA International, based in Singapore, covered the major medium- and long-term supply chain challenges from PSA’s perspective, as well as preparing PSA to become a green supply chain partner. In addition, he addressed the following issues:

Covid-19: positive lessons from Singapore’s industry-led coalition approach

  • a new way of collaboration between private and public sectors
  • a bias for action when involving private sector – allowing experiments to prototype solutions to system-level issues before forming policy/regulations

Leadership: desirable attributes of a direct report

  • comfortable with being part of a digitally enabled company
  • always thinking of innovative processes
  • questions processes
  • ability to connect the dots simply for others on complex topics such as sustainability
  • short term delivery focus, long term goal driven

To watch the recording of the webinar, please click here.