Putin Is The Kingmaker In Belarus’ Political Crisis

Europe’s last dictator Alexander Lukashenko has ruled Belarus for the past 26 years. After a disputed August 9 election returned him to a new presidential term despite findings of widespread fraud, protesters quickly took to the streets en masse.

In this webinar, stars Alumnus Yauheni PREIHERMAN, Founder and Director of the Minsk Dialogue Council on International Relations, shared his view about what it would take for the opposition to move from protests to power and what the chances are that the challenge from the streets will bring about lasting change in Belarus.

Yauheni didn’t mince his words, saying that it should come as no surprise that “when you are the leader of an authoritarian state for 26 years, you will get disconnected from the people just because you are treated like god by your immediate circle” and as Lukashenko now owes his political survival directly to Moscow, “Putin is the kingmaker in Belarus’ political crisis – everything will depend on the Russians.”

To watch the recording of the webinar, please click here.