Measuring Circularity: The Role of the Annual Circularity Gap Report

It is undeniable that despite the prominence of circular economy topics in the media our economic system is “circulating” too little. Indeed, circular economy progress has actually regressed – not progressed – over the last five years. However, now that many of the world’s economies are rebounding from Covid, it is an opportune time to once again assess our circularity measurements. In addition, as technology is undeniably and irreversibly shifting from non-renewable to renewable energy and from combustion engines to electric vehicles, we consequently have an additional incentive to accurately measure our economic factors to assess how we are managing these seismic challenges.

In this 30 minutes stars webinar, Martijn LOPES CARDOZO, former CEO Circle Economy, Amsterdam, talks about how to turn this round, i.e. use materials longer, use less, use regenerative materials/bio-materials and recycle/refurbish. Martijn also discussed regulatory frameworks, the green deal, behavioral changes, “circular washing” and the circularity which should be at the heart of every business.

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This stars Webinar had been moderated by Dr Gordana KIERANS, Former Professor of International Business; Managing Partner; Circular Economy Consultant, MGT OPEN j.d.o.o.; stars Southeast Europe Alumni Chapter President, Grižane, Croatia.

About the speaker:
Martijn LOPES CARDOZO is a serial entrepreneur who has built a number of successful companies in software, mobile and digital media in California. After he came back to the Netherlands he decided to focus his energy on transitioning the world from a “take, make and dispose” linear economy to a circular economy in which materials can be upcycled and re-used. The last six years he has served as the CEO of Black Bear, a circular economy company that retrieves high value materials from end-of-life tires. Black Bear was selected as one the WEF Technology Pioneers and a Cleantech 100 company. Martijn is also an entrepreneur-in-residence with YES!Delft and serves on the boards of Circle Economy and Parkbee. He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as TEDx and Start-up fest. Martijn holds an MSc in Applied Physics from TU Delft and an MBA from Harvard Business School.