stars Webinar
Post-Putin Russia and Post-Covid China
HUANG Jing, Richard von Weizäcker Fellow, Robert Bosch Academy, Berlin; Professor and Director, Institute of the US and Pacific Studies, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU); Member, stars Scientific Board, Shanghai, China
26 January 2023, 10.00-10.30

We are facing an increasingly tough competition between western values such as human rights, freedom, democracy and authoritarian and dictatorial regimes. What are the implications of this competition? What is to be expected in a post-Putin Russia and post-Covid China? What does it mean for the economy and our companies? stars Scientific Board Member Prof. HUANG Jing is one of the very few top experts with an in-depth knowledge and expertise regarding all three superpowers US, China and Russia. Right now, Jing is spending three months at the Robert Bosch Academy in Berlin, doing research on post-Putin Russia. In this webinar he will discuss major geopolitical developments and their impact.

This stars Webinar will be moderated by Toni SCHOENENBERGER, Executive Chairman, stars, Stein am Rhein, Switzerland.

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