stars Webinar
The Future of Food is Synthetic Biology
Jan PACAS, CEO and Founder, All G Foods, Sydney, Australia
10 February 2023, 10.00-10.30 CET

Join Jan PACAS, Founder of All G Foods, to discuss how this innovative field offers sustainable and efficient solutions by engineering microorganisms to produce desirable compounds and reduce the use of land, water, and other resources in food production. Sharing his insights on the limitless possibilities of this innovative technology, Jan will delve into the sustainable and efficient solutions that synthetic biology offers in areas where traditional agriculture is not feasible. All G Foods is helping to facilitate the future of food through its cutting-edge synthetic biology solutions by leading technological innovations in next-generation milk and meat to produce proteins that are not only sustainable, but nutritionally superior.

This stars Webinar will be moderated by Tom LUDESCHER, stars Singapore alumni chapter Co-President; Tech Entrepreneur and Investor, Singapore.

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