Is this the Final End of Pax Americana – Implications for Business and Society

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About the speaker:

John R. Allen, a retired U.S. Marine Corps four-star general, held significant leadership roles both in the military and in diplomatic missions. Notably, he commanded the NATO International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan during its peak troop deployment. Following retirement, he served as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense on Middle East Security, leading discussions within the Middle East peace process. At the behest of President Obama, he later served as Special Presidential Envoy to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, significantly expanding the coalition to 65 members.

Allen’s military career includes commanding NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, making him the first Marine Corps general officer to lead a theater of war. He played pivotal roles in various operations, including combat in Iraq’s Al Anbar province, where he supported the emergence of the tribal “Awakening movement” against Al Qaeda. He also served as Deputy Commander of the U.S. Central Command and as principal director of Asia-Pacific policy at the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Beyond his military service, Allen is a Strategic Advisor to Microsoft, a Senior Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is a permanent member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and serves on the US Naval Academy’s Board of Visitors, appointed by President Biden. Allen was President of The Brookings Institution for nearly five years, during which time he co-authored several books, including “Turning Point: Policymaking in the Era of Artificial Intelligence” and “Future War and the Defence of Europe.” He coined the term “hyperwar” and holds multiple AI-related patents while advising various tech startups.