Is this the Final End of Pax Americana – Implications for Business and Society

In this 30 minutes stars webinar, Kevin KAJIWARA talks about the multipolar world, what role the US should play, whether the unipolar Pax Americana is over and about the Global South. Other topics were the remixing of the global supply chains, trade barriers, protectionism and the industrial policy. Kevin also analyzed the upcoming US election and the geopolitical consequences of a Trump victory. Finally, he talked about the impact of these geopolitical developments on the global economy and companies.

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This stars Webinar has been moderated by Mark DITTLI, Financial Journalist and Founding Partner, The Market, Zurich, Switzerland

About the speaker:

Kevin advises Fortune 100 CEOs and significant institutional investors with insights on geopolitical and policy risks, and their investment and corporate strategy implications. He plays an active role in promoting the firm’s research agenda and developing its macro views, as well as integrating Teneo’s geopolitical advisory services across the platform. Prior to joining Teneo, Kevin was the director of Strategic Clients at Eurasia Group and a member of the firm’s Operating Committee. Previously, he was in international institutional equity sales with the Spanish bank BBVA, and earlier, with Bear, Stearns & Co. A sought-after public speaker, Kevin regularly presents to a wide range of audiences worldwide on geopolitical risks and trends. Kevin is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Kevin received a BA in Economics from Vassar College.