Is this the Final End of Pax Americana – Implications for Business and Society

In this 30 minutes stars webinar, Steven OKUN talks about 

This stars Webinar will be moderated by Toni SCHOENENBERGER, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, stars Foundation, Weinfelden, Switzerland

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About the speaker:

Steven is the Founder and CEO of APAC Advisors, is a leader on corporate public affairs, ESG, sustainability, and stakeholder engagement.

Since 2017, APAC Advisors provides a range of services with a focus on sustainability to clients in the financial services sector, predominantly private equity firms, including supporting their efforts from drafting ESG policies to implementing them in the due diligence and investment phase, as well as working with portfolio companies on their ESG efforts.

As KKR’s first Director of Asia Public Affairs from 2011-2017, he was one of the first people in the region working on ESG in the sector.

In addition to leading APAC Advisors, Steve serves as the Senior Advisor for Southeast Asia for the Global Private Capital Association, as well as a Senior Advisor for McLarty Associates, a global geostrategic consultancy.

He spent the first twelve years of his career in Washington, DC, including service in the Administration of President Bill Clinton. He has lived and worked in Asia since 2003.

Currently serving as Chair of the AmChams of Asia Pacific, he was also elected for three terms as Chair of AmCham Singapore. He served on the boards of the private equity councils of Australia and Singapore is now on the Australian Investment Council ESG Working Group.

An in-demand speaker for businesses and conferences, Steve frequently appears on CNBC and Channel NewsAsia and other global media, provides the weekly International News Review for MONEY FM (Singapore) and contributes commentary to The Straits Times, The Business Time and Asia Times.

He received his B.A. from the University of Virginia and his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law.