2024 Staying in Dialogue with China webinar series (by China Macro Group)

2024 “Staying in Dialogue with China” webinar series (by China Macro Group)

After 45 years of exceptional development and growth, structural complexities in China’s political economy are becoming increasingly challenging, calling for policymakers to skillfully navigate China’s economy towards the proclaimed ‘High-Quality-Development’. To make sense of these complexities and potential policy conundrums that shape the strategic context for foreign business, CMG looks at China’s political economy and evolving policy environment by way of six structural transitions – three longer-term transitions that China embarked on with the ‘reform and opening up’ (改革开放) period, and three more recent transitions involving policy-steered trade-offs and rebalancing.

In this 2024 “Staying in Dialogue with China” webinar series, CMG will explore, debate and refine this conceptualization to these six structural transitions featuring six distinguished Chinese economists as expert speakers. Click here to find out more about the entire series.

The webinars will be moderated by Markus Herrmann, Co-Founder and Managing Director of CMG

Economic Transition and Industrial Upgrading
WANG Yong, Academic Deputy Dean of the Institute of New Structural Economics, Peking University
5 April 2024, 9.00-9.45 (CET)

Market-oriented Reforms
LU Feng, Emeritus Professor of Economics and former Deputy Dean of the National School of Development, Peking University
15 May 2024, 9.00-9.45 (CET)

Economic Security
WANG Zhengxu, Professor at Department of Political Science, School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University
19 June 2024, 9.00-9.45 (CET)

Social Rebalancing and Market Governance
LI Shi, Dean of Institute for Common Prosperity and Development, Zhejiang University
11 September 2024, 9.00-9.45 (CET)

Economic Globalization
YU Miaojie, President and University Chair Professor of Liaoning University, and Liberal-Art Chair Professor of Peking University
23 October, 2024, 9.00-9.45 (CET)

‘Domestic Demand System’
HUANG Yiping, Sinar Mas Chair Professor of Finance/Economics, Dean National School of Development, Peking University
TBD, 9.00-9.45 (CET)


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