stars Webinar
Food Innovation: A Sea (of) Change
Durgalakshmi SATHIAKUMAR, Group Chief Operating Officer, Shiok Meats, Singapore
2 December 2022, 10.00-10.30 CET

In this webinar, Durgalakshmi SATHIAKUMAR, Group Chief Operating Officer, Shiok Meats, Singapore, will share the journey to being the world first’s company to develop cultivated crustaceans and building a future-proof food system. She will discuss the impact of sustainable food choices and the rise of the eco-conscious consumer. Furthermore, Durga will provide insights into the patent-pending technology and how Shiok meats is building an ecosystem of products. Last but not least, she will assess what it will take to widen the footprint in Asia from scientific collaboration, investment, and talent points of view.

This stars Webinar will be moderated by Tom LUDESCHER, stars Singapore alumni chapter Co-President; CEO, Asia and EMEA of Entsia International.

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About the speaker:
Durgalakshmi SATHIAKUMAR is the Group Chief Operating Officer at Shiok Meats, the world’s first cultivated crustacean meat company, and Southeast Asia’s first cultivated seafood company. The company also owns Southeast Asia’s first cultivated red meat company, Gaia Foods. Shiok Meats’ mission is to bring delicious, sustainable and healthy seafood to your table, using their technology to grow meat from cells instead of animals. Durga joined the founding team of the Food Technology company as the first hire spearheading the business, operations, regulations and building the state of art research facility specific for cultivated crustacean technology. She has extensive experience in R&D operations and worked with premium research institutes across Asia. She is passionate about Ag Tech, sustainability and the commercialization of scientific research that contributes toward food safety, security, and protection of the environment. She has also co-authored publications in high-impact journals.